The idea is to play Age of mortals era Dragonlance in 3rd Ed D&D.

Documents can be found in Skydrive

Ansalon Continent Map
Pashin is on part 7.
I zipped this up and put it on the skydrive as the zip is a dead link on the official site.

Character creation

Always the hardest bit. If you need some help, there’s a name generator here

Roll 4d6 seven times and discard the lowest die to give you 7 stats. Then discard the lowest stat. Assign as required.
You can use the pathfinder stat purchase method and use 20 points if you prefer.

There is a Races of Ansalon PDF on skydrive with tons of detail about the races available

Elves (half, Kagonesti, Qualinesti, Silvanesti, Sea)
Dwarves (Mountain, Hill, Gully, Dark)
Human (Civilized, Nomads)
Draconian (Baaz, Kapak)
Ogre (Irda, Ogre, Half Ogre, Minotaur).


The classes pdf will be available shortly.

Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Mystic (non deity based healer), Noble, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard of high sorcery.
Solamnic, Neraka and Steel Legion Knights.

Other races and classes are possible if you really really want to but would be from another world via sigil probably, expect to be treated weirdly if so.

Solamnic and Nerakan knights must start as a squire. Therefore they will start as a non-knight class, such as fighter, cleric, wizard etc.

Choose skills and feats
Follow the PHB (see skydrive) to flesh out your character.The number of skills & feats is derived from stats, race and class.

Roll hit points

Your first hit dice is always max, roll any extra you may have.
Roll as follows:
Barbarian 2D5+2 not D12
Fighters 2D4+2 not D10
Bard, Cleric, Druid others with D8 in books roll 1D6+2.
Rogues D6+2 not bloody D6.
Wizards 1D4+2 not D6

Buy equipment
Buy what you need as prices in Pashin are above book prices. Also the standard coin in Krynn is the Steel piece and gold is 1/40 of a steel which makes it of less worth than silver. So when you have purchased your equipment any left over gold is counted as steel.

Finish off
Determine AC from armour type , Saving Throws, Initiative, and Attack Values.
Determine spellbook.

Name, descrption, history etc.

You should come up with some sort of connection to the others in the party as you will probably know each other at the start of the game. You will begin in the human town of Pashin just north of Silvanesti forest, probably as new or fairly new arrivals.

The Age of Mortals